I love to fall down rabbit holes. When an idea catches my imagination, I will explore it over and over, from many angles, letting a theme develop as I find my way. These emerging themes drive the projects I present here.

Cities explores the emotional impressions of real places and events.

Literary Works are illustrations of classic stories.

Omens invites you to think challenging thoughts.

The Doll’s House is my first artist’s book, a graphic short story, if you will.

The Sins of Icarus illustrates the myth and plays with forms of books and storytelling.

Interphase Multiversal Observatory #1 is an interactive artwork in the form of a toy.

Still Life exhibits early experiments messing with concepts of objects and representations.

I like layers, emotions, dream-like effects. Rather than tell you things, I prefer to prompt you to tell yourself things about the art you’re looking at. If sometimes it seems like I’m perhaps deliberately tweaking you a little, maybe undermining the foundation of our conversation, I probably am. šŸ˜‰