On Terrible Times

Bees and sunflowers, an allegory for these days. (Taken in my garden last year.)

I struggled to write this post – any post, really – for a long while.

I have things to say, news to tell, but how can I write about my career and work and personal life in the horrible and tragic context of the world right now? It seems so discordant and even inappropriate to talk about myself. I guess I’m not alone in this feeling.

But I think maybe I’m wrong about it – not wrong in my emotions, but maybe wrong in my thinking. I don’t know, but freezing in place is not an option, regardless of anything else. I must work, I must speak, so here I am.

Because I’m an artist. A creative. If I’m not speaking and showing, then what am I doing? Why am I here? These times when things are so bad, when our hearts are being crushed every fifteen minutes by the news of war (and before now, by pandemic, and before that by racist brutality, and before that by environmental disaster, etc., etc.), this is when people in my line of work have to step up. Whether we provoke or comfort, give clarity or reassurance, this is what our profession is for, ultimately.

So I hope, in the coming days, you will find something in what I offer this year – relevance, escape, inspiration, whatever. I hope it will help – me as well as you.

Finally, since I do express my opinions on this site, I will state for my own public record my personal support for the nation and people of Ukraine and my absolute condemnation of Putin, his indefensible war of choice, and his crimes against humanity. I also express my anger and disgust at the general tolerance for fascism and aggression in many countries, including my own, which I believe helped to encourage that murderous bastard to do this insane thing. 

My feelings on this are strong, and honestly, together with other strong feelings I have, I’m reaching the limit of my willingness to soften my manners for the sake of politeness. No, really, I have actually been doing that up to now. Things can and probably will get even pointier and slappier here at the studio, so I hope you’re okay with that, because I’m kind of thinking I’ve been wrong in my approach, like so many of us in so many ways. And I’m kind of done with that.

Anyway, the experts all say the public want to get to know the artist. So, okie-dokie then. Blame the experts.


PS: Sketches, new works and projects, and studio news will begin flowing shortly, in a series of posts. Watch this space.

4 thoughts on “On Terrible Times”

  1. Jen, yes, the entire world is collapsing, and in so many different facets. However we are now OLD, my dear. We can say whatever the fuck we want, as long as we do not actually insult people on a personal level or hurt them physically. Of course, we can not expect everyone to like us for this. We are long past those insecure pleasing-people days and have moved into our more authentic years. Say what you like; you have always done so as far as I can recall. I don’t believe I have ever heard you speak or write anything mean, shaming or troll-like to anyone, either. So, in other words…..carry on, my dear. Love to you and your mom! Donna in Vermont

    1. Hey, Donna! You know me in Reality-Land, so you know what a salt-and-vinegar-chip king of person I am. However, I have tended to treat my website like a workspace, where one feels a bit constrained. But then I recall that, hey, fukkit, I own this workspace. I can do whatever I like. But it’s true and will always be true – I do not tolerate meanness, shaming, or trollishness, in anyone including myself. Thanks for the encouragement and love.

  2. A good post.  It’s right to express your thoughts & feelings.  If any potential ‘customers’ take offense, well, you wouldn’t want them to have any of your art, anyway.  Right? Mom

    1. Geez, Sainted Mother, could you please refrain from signing your comments as “Mom”? For crying out loud, next you’ll use a baby picture of me as your avatar pic.

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