An Alchemy of Dragons, Ch. 4, is published

Read it here: An Alchemy of Dragons, Ch. 4.

In the early dawn of the fourth day, Erran was awakened by a puff of warm air across his cheek. 

He rolled over and found himself gazing into the dark eyes of a young woman. Waves of brown hair fell over her shoulders and around his face as she smiled at him.

“Good morning,” she murmured.

Well, the Circuit Minister finally arrived.

And so has Chapter 4, after a hiatus for backstage issues. It tells the story of Erran Fox’s roughest day so far – and was this writer’s roughest chapter so far as well. Questions fill Erran’s head as discrepancies emerge in the villagers’ claims, and the pressure on him mounts.

It’s been a while, so visit the Index to revisit the earlier chapters here: Index of Chapters.

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